Hey, everyone! Welcome to my site!

My name is Allissa Jade, and this is my lifestyle blog. I started this blog after giving birth to my son as a way to be somewhat of a journal for myself. Some topics I like to write about include Motherhood, Beauty, Health, & my own life experiences. In maintaining this website, my goal is to document my life and growth as a person and maybe even help my readers to do so as well.

Meet Our Family

I live in Iowa where I share my life with my soon to be husband, Alden, and our son Camden. Alden and I are planning our wedding for next June. I met Alden when we were in middle school, and had a crush on him way into our high school years. The summer after he graduated we finally got together, and have been living our own love story ever since. Right now we both work at a local grocery store but have hopes to pursue free-lance careers in the future.







I gave birth to Camden David on June 3, 2017, at 9:28 in the morning. He is the best part of my life. Motherhood has changed me so much and is one of my favorite parts of myself. He is the sweetest, smiliest baby boy. Right now, he is very into monkeys, the movie “Sing”, and the lullaby “Baby Beluga” by Rafi.